Pearl Collection

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I have worked with pearls for years and to find new ways of making the classic freshwater pearl sing in new silhouettes is so much fun! This Fall I have chosen to include the organic shaped freshwater baroque pearl. The baroque pearl is striking, each piece is so unique and distinctive. Sophie

Story of Pearls

A real pearl is white and round in its shape. Pearls can appear in different shades for instance pink, silver, cream, gold, green, blue and black. Pearls have been grown for 100 years and are created by mussels and have a life span of 100-150 years. Pearls can be damaged by high and low humidity as well as acids, alcohol, sweat and fatty skin care products. Freshwater pearls are the most common pearl and are grown from mussels that live in freshwater. They are available in many different shapes and qualities. The round pearl with its beautiful natural glow are the best and most sought after.