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Colour / Material: Gold plated brass chain with unique 5 baroque pearls
Length: 45 cm
Symbol size: 2 cm length and 3 cm width
Care: Store your necklace in the green velvet pouch you received with your order

Explore the new statement Baroque multi link necklace. A unique and cool necklace with the organic baroque pearls.

The baroque pearl is a freshwater pearl with an irregular non-spherical shape and a dented and uneven surface It’s organic shape make each baroque pearl unique in its in its shape and expression. The pearl has a beautiful shimmer and its unevenness can differ a lot from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch or lumpy shapes. Baroque pearls have a very high gloss because the pearl layer is thicker than other pearls.

The name baroque pearl derives from the Italian “barocco” or the Portuguese “barroco” – both meaning “imperfect pear”. These pearls were highly popular in the Baroque period and later in the Renaissance-period.

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