The Baroque pearl has a distinctive shape that is unique for each baroque pearl. Each piece is different in its shape, size and color. It can be large and dented, neat and rough, oval uneven or round and soft. The colour can differ in different white and pink shades. Explore and find your favourite!

The baroque pearl is fascinating in its organic expression and endless variations. It makes jewellery-dressing fun!

The baroque pearl is a freshwater pearl with an irregular non-spherical shape and a dented and uneven surface It’s organic shape make each baroque pearl unique in its in its shape and expression. The pearl has a beautiful shimmer and its unevenness can differ a lot from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch or lumpy shapes. Baroque pearls have a very high gloss because the pearl layer is thicker than other pearls.

The name baroque pearl derives from the Italian “barocco” or the Portuguese “barroco” – both meaning “imperfect pear”. These pearls were highly popular in the Baroque period and later in the Renaissance-period.