Sophie by Sophie's Wild Heart Collection supports the non profit organisation Wildhood Foundation. Wildhood works to prevent illegal trafficking of threatened species. Every day 100 elephants and 4 rhinos are being killed for their tusks and horns. In 10 years, these species can be extinct in the wild.

The Wild Heart Collection is inspired by Wildhoods Wild Heart and consists of a hammered heart bracelet and heart necklace in gold and rhodium plated silver. The heart is uneaven, just as nature is and reminds us of the rough skin of these precious animals.

“Wild Heart symbolizes our love for the wild animal’s we fight to protect! I am so proud of the collaboration with Sophie by Sophie, which helps to spread Wildhood’s message about the current situation for these animals. It is a serious situation that we are facing and it is up to our generation to make a difference. I refuse to live in a world where wildlife is only found in zoos and fairy tales." 

Filippa Tarras-Wahlberg, founder of Wildhood Foundation.

For each sold Wild Heart jewellery, 10% is donated to Wildhood Foundation.

“The amount of wildlife on earth has reduced with more than 50 % during the last decades. This is a brutal and frightening reality. I have always cherished animal’s place on our planet, which makes this collaboration so important to me. Wildhood Foundation does a fantastic work and it feels meaningful to be able to contribute to their mission”.

Sophie Gyllenhammar Mattsson