Introducing a Chaos and Loopy world, a collection inspired by the creative world of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and his carefree vision to unite shapes and structures. The collection combines two mini collections combined by the aspiration of the flexibility and organic movement of metal.

Metal is a fantastic invention in its endless possibilities to become something larger than itself. In my Loopy and Chaos world the soft and flowy shapes of my pieces are combined with a sense of rushed madness in regards to how the world is today. I love how the hardness and softness of the pieces co-exist, exactly how life does! Sophie

The collections are inspired by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudis and his creative world where he combines form and structure. Gaudi was an individualistic architect with an original expression who found inspiration in nature through rocks, animals and plants. He wanted to create and turn buildings into something more organic and natural, pillars to trees and facades to waves. He treated his buildings as an organic process and some of his greatest works are Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell in Barcelona.