The Hammered collection is inspired by the Italian artist Gio Pomodoro and his innovative metal sculptures. When Sophie was a little girl she inherited a Gio bracelet from her grandmother which she always carried with her. He has since then been a great source of inspiration in Sophie's design process with the endless possibilities of metal.

The Hammered collection consists of 3 statement pieces of hammered metal and silver. The brave statement bracelet the Hammered cuff, the classic and playful Hammered earrings and the cool and chunky Hammered ring, which is made of solid silver.

"I love the interesting and graceful shapes of Gio Pomodoro's metal sculptures. They make the metal feel soft and vibrant, which is something I also strive for in my jewelry design. This avant garde period had so many fantastic artists and the geometric shapes and contrasts makes this period very dynamic." Sophie 

During the 1960s, Gio developed several series of sculptures with abstract shapes. Later in his career, Pomodoro regularly received public commissions and produced a number of large outdoor structures.