Today 844 million people lack access to clean water. It is a crisis that affects woman worse than men because in 80 % of the cases, it is the woman who is responsible for the family’s water supply. As a consequence, millions of women walk long distances every day to find water. They walk for hours and carry a heavy load. This responsibility of obtaining water mean that they don’t have time to earn an income or get an education. They walk and walk but don’t get anywhere.

The 22nd of March is the World Water day. The fact that so many people lack access to clean water is a quiet on-going crisis that makes girls and women in particular, vulnerable. But together we can change this, and give people who live in poverty a chance to have a better life. We support @WaterAidSwe s work for a world where all human beings around the world have access to clean water. www.wateraid.org/se/march-for-water

10% from each sold WaterAid Cord Bracelet will be donated to WaterAid's important work around the world.

The bracelet’s blue cord and its silver drop symbolizes clean water and its importance for people’s health and survival.

WaterAid does a fantastic and important work for people in need around the world. It feels natural and right to help and contribute with the specially designed WaterAid Cord Bracelet. As a woman and mother myself I am passionate about issues related to improving life for women and educating children for a better future. As they say, "every drop counts" says Sophie Gyllenhammar Mattson, Founder and Designer.

"The river is far away. If we go at six o'clock in the morning, we will not be back until 10 o'clock.
Clean water would change our lives. This would mean that we would have more time to grow and sell vegetables". Helene from Mozambique

For Helene it takes four hours to get water every day. Her dream is to get clean water at home which would give her time to sell vegetables at the market. For her and millions of other women, clean water means the first step to a better and more equal life.