Knot Collection

The Knot Collection is our definition of classic with a modern twist. Our knot pieces have a timeless aesthetic with a playful edge. The knot is a symbol of love and friendship, perfect gift to a beloved or yourself.

The Knot story

The Knot family is classic part of Sophie of Sophie's dna and is the definition of our motto classic with a modern twist. Sophie designed it in the beginning of her jewellery career and since then it has been a cherished member of the Sophie-family. The first piece in the collection that Sophie designed was the hard and solid Knot cuff, inspired by the classic knot symbol as well as the hard and chunky bracelets that Sophie inherited from her grandmother as a teenager. It is a symbol with a lot of loving ambitions that represents love and friendship.

After the Knot cuff came the Knot ring and Knot bracelet and today the collection consists of 8 individual knot pieces, ranges from minimalistic styles to more chunky statement pieces.
The knot as a symbol has always fascinated me. It is a timeless antique symbol with playful characteristics. I get inspired by how you can transform something recognizable into something more. I love creating pieces that is a play on the symbol itself.